Who do you do Business with?


The following is an excerpt from Fire Your J.O.B.! Be Your Own Boss!:

Only do business with those who at least have a vested interest in your business. Hopefully, some of the members on your team are current clients or at least prospects. Once you successfully complete a sales transaction say, “Thanks for your business. I appreciate your support. Who else do you know that I can help?”

Your team members should be happy to help you build your business since they have a vested interest in your success. They should be your best referral partners.

Businesses often fail because business owners fail to build the right team. As a result, business flops. No one becomes successful on his or her own. They hire a professional team or build a team with volunteers. “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Many of your team members are also salespeople who work on commission which helps reduce costs if you don’t use their services. Continue working your 9 to 5 to cover your start-up costs. You may even have to pay your operating expenses your first one or two years of business.

If you don’t know a lot of potential referral partners, join a local networking group or your local chamber of commerce. Your local networking group can be industry or non-industry specific. It’s a great way to meet new business owners and build relationships with like-minded business owners.

If you are a parent, children can be great volunteers to help you build a family business. They can help pass flyers out in your neighborhood or promote your family business at their schools.

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