Fire Your J.O.B.! Be Your Own Boss! e-book


Are you stuck in a dead-end job or career and want escape Corporate America’s rat race? Fire Your J.O.B. and Be Your Own Boss is your answer! Follow these 10 steps to start, grow, and exit your business. Find out what pitfalls to avoid when starting your business.

• Use transferable skills from your current career.
• Establish credibility with your experience and education.
• Present yourself as an expert in your business industry.
• Develop business strategies to help you overcome customer objections and compete in today’s       competitive marketplace.
• Create wealth or just an additional stream of income.

Consider this the new black book of small business!

Nancy O’Neale has created a road map for business success. It is a must-read for new business owners! ~ Ellis Liddell, CEO/ELE Wealth Advisors, Inc.

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Fire Your J.O.B.! Be Your Own Boss! e-book