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Welcome to the DBHG Starter Toolkit Course – Your Framework for Business Success! – Use the right nuts and bolts of business to successfully build your business! If you would like to learn from business masters, this class is for you! You will receive 16 downloadable lectures from Detroit Business Hub Group members and guests who offer advice about writing your business plan, selecting your business structure and entity, business liability and business insurance, building your team, and building and marketing your brand! This starter course is included in your Detroit Business Hub Group membership.  The course fee is $99 for non-members until June 5, 2020, but your first two lectures are free and all participants receive a free e-copy of Fire Your Job! Be Your Own Boss! Go to detroit-business-hub-group.teachable.com to register for this course!

Several business professionals assist small business owners in this 16-module course including DBHG Director Nancy O’Neale, Tammy Turner, Dichondra Johnson, MBA, Brandi Shelton, MBA, Attorney David Soble, Michael Chatas, Michael Rizzo, and Greg Blackwell. These business professionals offer access to capital information in the event of COVID-19, business planning, marketing, and legal advice. Early bird course discounts pre-orders are available for $99 now until  June 5, 2020. Regular sales for the course will begin June 6, 2020 at $249. The course is complete with a downloadable workbook for each lecture. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Course Overview

Lecture 1 – Detroit Business Hub Group Membership Video (free module)


Lecture 2The PPP/EIDL Scoop – Mike Chatas, SBA Team Lead at Bank Michigan discusses how small businesses can apply to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP).


Lecture 3Business Plan Blueprint – Nancy O’Neale educates small business owners on the importance of writing a business plan from a micro viewpoint, specifically your SWOT Analysis, marketing plan, your ideal customer, and cash flow analysis.

Lecture 4Business Plan Nuts & Bolts I – Dichondra Johnson, MBA, discusses business plans from a macro viewpoint are a road map to your business success, using business plans to leverage funding, and why it’s important for a business consultant to critique your business plan.

Lecture 5Business Plan Nuts & Bolts II – Brandi Shelton, MBA, dives into the nuts and bolts of a business plan including your mission statement, cash flow strategies, and marketing strategies specifically targeting disadvantaged minorities including re-entry business owners.

Lecture 6 – Dichondra Goes Hollywood – Dichondra Johnson, MBA, uses Hugh Hefner’s business model to examine talent and business operations. She also connects recent Hollywood films with entrepreneurs who used planning to engineer their success.

Human Resources

Lecture 7 – Build Your Business with Talent – Brandi Shelton, MBA, advocates adding staff to leverage your time and build your business. She also compares salaried versus 1099 employees and outsourcing. In addition, she discusses employer expenses such as hiring payroll companies and employee taxes.


Lecture 8 – Laying the Right Foundation – Attorney David Soble of Proven Resources, PLC, educates business owners on business entity structure, tax implications, and the difference between a sole proprietorship, an LLC, partnership, and corporation. He also discusses the importance of an attorney, business liability, and what to do in the event of a lawsuit.

State of Small Business Post-COVID-19 

Lecture 9 – Surviving a Storm – Attorney David Soble, Michigan Chapter of the National Business League President Hodari Brown, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation M. Bivings, Dale Gant, CPA, and Farmers Insurance Agent Greg Blackwell discuss the State of Small Business Post-COVID19.


Lecture 10 Network to Build Your Net Worth – Tammy Turner will share networking tips with participants including how to create a 30-second elevator speech, how to “work a room,” how soon to follow up with people you meet, and how your network becomes your net worth.

Lecture 11 – Build Your Brand – Mike Rizzo helps business owners develop effective marketing strategies initially at a low cost, how to establish their brand with their own website, and the importance of a positive business brand or reputation.

Lecture 12 – Build Relationships through Marketing – Mike Rizzo instructs novice business owners on using social media to market their businesses, leads, marketing systems, active versus passive marketing, and how to use the marketing tools – business cards, logos, and websites to market.

Insurance/Retirement Planning 

Lecture 13Cover Your AssetsInsurance – Greg Blackwell discusses the necessity of business insurance, why hiring an insurance agent is important, differences between E & O, liability, umbrella, and life or key person insurance.

Lecture 14 – Build a Safety Net Retirement – Greg Blackwell provides practical advice to individuals who are ready to retire or retire their jobs and start a business. He also delves into detail about wills, living wills, and estate planning.

The DBHG Coaching and Mentorship Program

Lecture 15 – Greg Blackwell and Nancy O’Neale discuss how to apply vision and goal setting to your business. This topic includes setting SMART, realistic, and stretch goals.

Lecture 16Build up Someone Else – Greg Blackwell and Nancy O’Neale discuss the importance of coaching and mentorship and the Detroit Business Hub Group mentorship program.








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Nancy O’Neale is the Director of the Detroit Business Hub Group and the author of Fire Your Job! Be Your Own Boss!
Tammy Turner is the Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Kapstone Employment Services (Certified MBE, WBE, WOSB). She is an Engineering Recruiter and a Head Hunter for the Automotive Industry. She recruits for all Engineering disciplines: Mechanical, Electrical, Quality, Software, Program Managers, CAD Designers, Design Engineers, with specific expertise with Controls Engineers. Her debut book, How to Talk to Strangers: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Networking, is a vital tool for any business professional looking to go to the next level. Tammy was also recently named one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Detroit.


Greg Blackwell is a proud Farmers Insurance Agent Owner. His agency is located in Southfield, MI.
Brandi Shelton, MBA, is the CEO of Utilize Consulting Group, a business consulting firm.
Michael Rizzo of RizzoRizzo Creative Services Company
Attorney David Soble is a Real Estate Attorney of the Proven Resource in Farmington Hills, MI.
Dichondra Johnson, MBA, MPA, is the founder of DRJ & Associates, a business consulting firm.
Mike Chatas is the SBA Team Lead at Bank Michigan.