My Real Estate Days

The following is an excerpt from Fire Your J.O.B.! Be Your Own Boss!

As a real estate agent, I interviewed the number one agent at that office. He said that he became number one by creating mind share with his clients. Whenever they thought of real estate, they thought of him. His slogan was, “Think real estate. Think Larry.” That’s how you want people to remember you. When they think of your industry, they think of you!

I started my real estate and insurance businesses working for well-branded franchise companies. They provided business plan templates, scripts, training, leads, a franchised logo, and marketing materials at nominal fees or for free. I only had to pay for licensure fees.

When I started my own business, I quickly realized that I was responsible for marketing and branding myself. I was my own brand. Instead of relying on a franchise’s web site, I hired my own web designer to build a website.   I no longer blasted out ready-made micro-blogs. I wrote the blog content myself and uploaded it to my own website.

For you to brand you and your team, you must know yourself well. Who are you as a person? What or who do you believe in? What is your character? How do you identify yourself? Do you like and love yourself?

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