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The following is an excerpt from Fire Your J.O.B.! Be Your Own Boss!:

You’ve planned and invested. Whether you start your business full-time or part-time, generate income to replace your start-up costs or initial investments. Open your virtual store or brick and mortar location!

While the IRS allows you to take a loss your first five years of business (a hobby loss), your goal is to recoup your start-up costs as soon as possible. Create a profitable business, not a business that creates a loss!

Your first sale is a big deal. Congratulations, you’re in business! In sales, nothing happens until you sell something! While this is a great accomplishment, don’t get too excited. Your initial customers – who are likely family and friends – will buy from you because they like you, not necessarily due to your product or service. Your repeat clients like your product or service.

A few of your family and friends may be skeptical. They have known you for ‘X’ amount of years to do one thing. Then, you tell them you’re starting a new business or career doing ‘Y’ so don’t get upset if they initially don’t support you. They may not come around for months or even years.

Remember, this is your vision, not theirs. Lesson 1 of the ABC’s of Selling is to constantly get in front of new people to promote your good or service. They only know you as “Y” and should see you as a business professional.

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