Fire Your Job! Be Your Own Boss Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Fire Your J.O.B.! Be Your Own Boss!:

As a new insurance agent, I was excited about completing the company’s university training. For five days, the company flies or reimburses mileage and puts recently hired insurance agents up in a four-or-five-star hotel.

I was so excited about creating my business plan before diving into my next business venture. Days 1-4, we created goal posters, received sales pitches from their affiliates, learned about the company’s growth model, studied pie charts and bar graphs, discussed wins and losses, marketing, etc.

We did everything but write a business plan. I became increasingly frustrated as the days progressed. Around Day 3, I asked one of the trainers, “Uh, when are we going to write our business plans?” “Oh, on the last day!”

We were given a business plan outline on the last day, allotted about 30 minutes to complete it, and told to finish the rest at our home office for our district managers to review with us. Out of an entire week’s training – 30 minutes – that’s it! We spent more time cutting photos out of magazines and glue sticking them to poster board than planning our businesses.

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