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Detroit Business Hub Group (DBHG) offers a webinar to help small businesses grow, despite the COVID-19 outbreak. Please join us for The State of Small Business Post – COVID 19 Outbreak on June 1st at 6 pm at www.facebook.com/detbusinesshubgroup. The speakers for this webinar are Tammy Turner, Greg Blackwell, Hodari Brown, M. Bivings, Nicole Dietrich, Dale Grant, and Attorney David Soble. This event is moderated by Nancy O’Neale, Director of Detroit Business Hub Group.We will email you the free e-book Fire Your Job! Be Your Own Boss! when you register at https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcod-urrD0tGtWd7tQxOhJ1AXz5pCWbnosp. Watch our slideshow at https://youtu.be/RSfdkCCcIy8 for more information about this course

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