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The following passage is an except from Fire Your J.O.B.! Be Your Own Boss!

I was eager to work my first full-time entry-level job out of college. Although I wasn’t ecstatic about the pay, it was an opportunity. My balloon quickly deflated when I discovered that my boss was extremely shrewd. She often showed up to work after I got there and left early. She completed her tasks on time and I’m not sure how since she was frequently out of the office while I frequently left with the janitors in the evening.

From my first real job out of college, I didn’t like micromanagement. I considered myself an independent worker and didn’t like my supervisor constantly breathing over my shoulder. My office was right outside of hers and I felt as if I was being watched constantly. Her office was immaculately decorated as if she touched nothing on her desk. She even asked me to pick up one of her children once from school because she said she had a “business meeting.” I gladly picked him up and gave him a ride home.

My long hours and hard work bore little fruit. In fact, I received low evaluation scores which led to a lack of raises and chances for promotion. When a promotion became available, a recent master’s graduate with no experience was hired over me. When this Caucasian woman didn’t accept the offer, they simply closed the position down. No questions asked or answered. The corporate structure remained intact. My supervisor maintained the status quo.

After earning a master’s degree and working for two shrewd female bosses, I decided to no longer work for Corporate America. My first job out of college quickly schooled me in glass ceilings and workplace discrimination. There was already an African American woman in mid-level management. They may have only wanted one in that department’s corporate boat. A second one represented a threat to their very livelihood and hostile takeover….

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